About CEDaR

CEDaR is the Local Environmental Records Centre for Northern Ireland and its coastal waters, working in partnership with Northern Ireland Environment Agency, National Museums NI and the recording community.

  • CEDaR helps to gather and record information about our wildlife
  • Stores and manages the information that is collected
  • Shares the information as widely as possible to inform policy, decision-making, land managers, researchers, planners and conservationists, etc.

Collecting and maintaining ecological (wildlife and habitats) and geological site-based information (records) makes it possible to monitor change and to assess impacts and promote better land management.


CEDaR currently holds over 2.7 million terrestrial and freshwater species records and almost 500,000 marine records.

Only a portion of these records are currently available via the NBN Atlas. (March 2019)

To ensure that you get the most complete picture of Northern Ireland’s wildlife, please use our Information Request Service to obtain the data for your particular species group and/or area(s) of interest.


CEDaR supports species and habitat identification and recording through various means, such as publications, the Habitas suite of web sites, training courses, CEDaR Online Recording, signposting surveys and schemes, supporting BioBlitzes, developing recording initiatives, etc.

We are continually thankful to the recording community of Northern Ireland and beyond, for the time, skills and effort that they invest in supplying and verifying information to improve our knowledge of the distribution of species and habitats, which ultimately supports better decision making.

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